Since it Matters

Company History

In 1991, we (my brother in law and I) needed a mower - a good one that we could use and sell. We looked at Grasshopper and we looked at the Walker Mower. A strong recommendation from an uncle in Mississippi persuaded us in the Walker Mower direction. After calling Bob Walker one day, inquiring about the possibilities of a Distributorship we were excited to find out that Manitoba & Saskatchewan was available to us. The only territory in all of North America still open.

Later in the 90’s we needed a wide area mower - this time we talked to a Lawn Care company in Saskatchewan that did acres and acres of mowing. He told us that Befco had the least down time. After inquiring with Befco we found this mower to have other advantages.

As Service became a bigger and bigger part of our business, we found ourselves designing & fabricating equipment that customers had need for, but couldn’t buy. When we started production of these items in 2004, it was time to form a new Company (the same people) called Hiebert DesignSolutions Inc (HDS). For more info click on HDS.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is finding a good product and selling it to people that need it and making sure that they remain happy with their purchase. We will not pressure a sale with ongoing promotional deadlines that are merely a way of trying to make you feel that you got a good deal by making a quick decision. It all comes down to honesty. You cannot pull a fast one on someone and then expect a growing relationship from that point on.

Another part is our sales goals. We are by comparison, a small company that is family owned and operated with no one but our customers to report to. Company structure is more important to the customer than many might think. 

Honesty, Integrity and Efficiency - this is what we enjoy. We hope you will join us...

Our Dealers are required to embrace this same philosophy, should you find one of our Dealers to be dealing in an inferior manner, please communicate with us in confidence. To find a Dealer in your area, contact us in your preferred way from the contact information at the bottom of the Home page.