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How do you find the right mower for your needs?

first lets explain the different types...

the advantages are underlined

Tractor Style:

Cheaper, poor maneuverability, snow blower, tiller and tractor hitch options, hard to access or remove the deck.

Front Mount Rear Steer:

4WD option, expensive, cab options, hydraulics, poor manueverabiltiy, poor traction if not 4WD, medium amount of attachments, large and heavy.

Mid Mount Zero Turn:

Cheaper to build, rigid frame - less deck contouring, no tilt up deck, poor traction going downhill, good traction going uphill, few attachments if any, grass catching adds bulk and rear end weight where it is already not needed, poor reach under trees etc, unbalanced steering.

Front Mount Zero Turn:

Medium priced, tilt up deck, best meanueverability, better on slopes than a Midmount, not as good on slopes as a tractor or 4WD Front Mount, floating deck, attachments, under tree or fence reach.

The options and features that Walker takes to next level in the Front Mount Zero Turn market.

~ Tilt up deck is standard with power tilt option on heavy decks.

~ Serviceability - Clam shell design allows access to all mechanical components and belts are all replaceable without tools.

~ The Beautiful Cut is a Walker Signature. It’s the look you leave behind you that counts.

~ Walker Product (Whole Goods & Parts) are stocked by a local Distributor.

~ Walker Product is built by faithful family of workers and are not publicly owned.

~ Options are almost too many to list. Power Dump, Hi Dump, Cabs, Spring Tine Dethatcher, Power Rake, Snow blower, Debris Blower, Rotary Broom, Dirt Miser (PTO driven Edger), Loader Bucket, Boom Sprayer, Dozer Blade.

The Advantages of the Walker


Year Around Versatility

Walker Grass Handling System (GHS)

Walker Grass Handling System (GHS)

Snowblowers, Dozer Blades and Rotary Brooms make snow fun.


Walker Grass Handling System (GHS)

Walker Grass Handling System (GHS)

Walker Grass Handling System (GHS)

This is the system that was the initial success of the Walker Mower


The Famous Hi Dump

Walker Grass Handling System (GHS)

The Famous Hi Dump

Don't have a debris loader, no problem. Get a factory installed Hi Dump

New Releases

52" Mulching Deck Walker Mower

52" Mulching Deck

Thirsty for Options

Thirsty for Options

More Productivity

Walker Cup Holder

Thirsty for Options

Thirsty for Options

Thirsty for Options

Walker has a cup holder! Get a hold of one today.

Spyker Fertilizer Spreader

Fertilizer Spreader

Thirsty for Options

Fertilizer Spreader

Spread Salt, Fertilizer & Grass Seed

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